The Great Escapes shop is an ideal base-camp to launch an adventure

Everyone loves a good adventure, and the Great Escapes shop is a perfect destination for a tailor-made escape from everyday life.

Principal tools include:

The Great Escapes shop is a part of the adventure travel business. The company caters to customers who want to get away from it all and experience an adventure in their own time.

The store’s motto is “If you can’t come, you can’t go.” This idea has been used for both short and long-term visits (for example, the Great Escapes 365-day holiday). The shop strives to provide unique experiences that are easily accessible for anyone, at any time of the year.

The Great Escapes is based in London, England. The company’s founder, John Garvey (a former British Army officer) has also opened two other shops – one in Moscow and another one in Moscow Central Market Square called “Great Exchanges”.

The Great Escapes shop is a base-camp for a high adventure holiday. This is a perfect place to launch an adventure that will take you through the wilds of Devon.

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Join our team fast RIB rides

It’s a hungry time for the local coast. With the ever-growing tourist trade, piers and hotels are busy all summer long. And with a growing number of people getting their kicks from adventure holidays, you’d expect the water to be pretty busy too.

But wait! This is no ordinary holiday. It’s an ultimate day out for all ages in Devon. A shore-walk with base camp at The Spit, in Devon’s west coast village of Rustington; two days in South West England by train; and camping on Dartmoor’s highest point – with lunch on top of the world!

The idea of fast RIB rides is to provide a quick solution to the problem of how long it takes to get on the vehicle.

The shop is located in a small village in Devon. It has an empty shop with no customers, no products and only one staff member. The concept is simple: there is no need for any investment in building up an empty shop, since it will be filled by the customers once they get on the vehicle and buy something. The only task left for this staff member is to clean up after them when they leave! This solving problem requires some thought and creativity because you can’t simply use some existing equipment like cash registers or vending machines – it needs to be built from scratch using a RIB ride vehicle as a base!